Dave Quinn

Missed our xmas drinks last couple of years but was allways a pleasure to come and visit will be missed if I ever get over to Vic save a port for me when we meet again

Craig Raymond Taylor

Many years we shared as brothers, mates. Workmates and birthday twins. Life will never be the same without you. Our love for you and our laughter and more will always be within our hearts. We love you more than you probably knew? I appreciate the love you gave to Ruvi and Zane and, they are in just as much loss as all of us. Taelor, Harvey and Liam, never forget we are here for you anytime as uncle and aunt but also, the guide you all may need. We love the 3 of you and know this is difficult for the 3 of you. Miss and love you so much Craig. May you rest in peace until we meet again! (P.s) me and Harves will keep rociking the music you loved because, we also love it and will do it in memory and love for you.

Craig Raymond Taylor


Fernanda Cabral

Love you Mum💕